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I guess I only update this thing when I can't sleep. Lucky you (har har). This weekend (the real weekend, not my days off weekend) was the worst. I felt majorly depressed. This has happened often in the last few months and I have missed some work because of it. I feel like I am skating on thin ice with the payroll department at work due to the time I have missed. I just let things at work get to me...it's who I am, there is no "off" switch to numb the emotions I feel when I read crime reports. I love this field but I don't see myself working in it forever...I'm just too sensitive (although I've grown a thicker skin in the last few years). I don't know what I want to do though! I have no other passion. Maybe teaching U.S. history, but I'd have to go back to school for awhile. I can't afford that right now.

Ugh, I can't afford a lot of things right now. I just shelled out a ton of money to pay for the repair of the shock mounts on my car. I also had them put authentic Volvo lug nuts on my wheels. The previous owners took the car to Sears once, and didn't realize until later that the repair guys had switched out the high quality Volvo lug nuts for cheap ones. I'm really taking care of this car since I intend to keep it for a long time. There is a great European car repair shop in town and they are super professional and never try to screw you over. They are fast and reliable and I trust them with my car. I would even go so far as to drive up here for them even when I'm living in Fresno.

Marc and I had a nice but short weekend together. We always watch Iron Chef America on Sundays. Love that show. I am playing Elder Scrolls: Oblivion on his 360. I like it so far and I'm impressed by how vast the world is. I have a few gripes (I hate first person and I would like to be able to find quests more easily), but overall it is entertaining. I beat Fable II but I still go back to it occasionally to further my quest to buy all the property in the game. BOW BEFORE YOUR NEW QUEEN.

I have so many games to play. I need to finish Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box first. One of Marc's friends recommended Hotel Dusk on the DS to me, and since it was 30% off at the Game Crazy that's going out of business in Fresno, I bought it. I would like to try Scribblenauts but I'll finish my current games first. I played the demo for Batman: Arkham Asylum and really liked it, but I'll put that off for now.

We are going to Disneyland a week from Sunday! I'm so excited! My aunt, who works for Disney, sent me tickets...I love her. Hopefully if the park isn't too crowded and we get in quality ride time, we can go over to California Adventures, which I have surprisingly never been to. Marc's friend Anthony works in the park and is going to show us around a bit, which will be cool. I like all of Marc's friends - a good sign! They are so cool, and of course are geeks like us.

How I Met Your Mother S4 on DVD saved me this weekend. I love that show and it's still so funny. I also watched Sunshine Cleaning (a downer, but good performances) and Superman Returns. I'm on a mission to see all Kevin Spacey movies ever made. So what's the deal...are Lex Luthor and Kitty getting busy when we're not looking or are they just platonic bad buddies?

Oh yeah, I got a BlackBerry Curve. I shelled out a lot for it since I wasn't due for an upgrade. I also got my own phone plan, so I'm no longer on the family plan. ~*~*~Growing up~*~*~. It's nice, though, now that I've learned to text on it. It saved my bored ass on the train this evening, since my iPod died and I forgot to bring my DS or a book. I just read celebrity gossip and The New York Times on it until I got home. What a contrast in reading material!

I better end this before I bore each and every one of you who still reads this thing.


Love and peace (but no hippie crap),


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When I was in junior college for a semester, I had a great professor named Frank Drummond. He taught criminal law and I loved his class. He had us write letters about where we wanted to be in five years, what we wanted to do. I felt inspired by that. He made me believe I could achieve my goals and even encouraged me to go to law school.

Professor Drummond was just arrested on suspicion of molesting two of his teenage daughter's friends.


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I like my laptop and now it's half paid for. o/~ If I could turn back time o/~ I would have bought a nicer one, but c'est la vie. It works and it runs WoW, albeit at reduced graphics quality.

I.T. was working on everything today, so phones and computers were down for 3 hours. This meant the only thing to do was file...eww. We have probably 240,000+ "pouches" on everyone booked in our jail. We add paperwork to their pouches from their latest bookings or court hearings. This means there is usually more than 1,000 things to file at any given time. Oh well, something to do. Everything will be down again on Sunday morning too. Eww. What did we ever do before computers at work?

Been neglecting books recently and reading Vanity Fair and Vogue. I hate it when people automatically dismiss fashion magazines as vapid or insignificant. In fact I'd say Vanity Fair's focus is maybe 40% fashion and the rest is politics, society, and current events. They have some of the best writers in the world, regular and guest. I am always excited to get the newest issue. Sure, I often stare glassy-eyed at the ads and wish I looked like Karlie Kloss, but I get it for the articles!

I finished the first Professor Layton game and picked up the second. How is it that I can solve a 45 picarat "Move shit around 'til you get an object out of the maze" puzzle without difficulty, but I can't solve a 10 picarat math question? When I yelled "Fuck you, Layton!" at the screen, I knew it was time to turn off the DS and take a break.

Hey, I don't think I've posted about my trip to Six Flags with Lucy for her birthday. We had a blast. I went on my first upside-down roller coaster, Medusa. I was scared shitless waiting for the ride to start. The first drop was OH MY GOD so steep. I felt my stomach practically fly out of my mouth. After that drop and a scary big loop where I felt like I was going to fall straight out of my seat, the rest was a blast! I loved going upside down. We also went on Kong but it jerked us around so much we had aches and pains the next day. We waited an hour for Tony Hawk's ride and then it broke down. After about 15 minutes we finally got to go on, and it was underwhelming. We saw lots of animals, including the lion show and the elephant show, which were fun. Photos to be uploaded to Flickr/Facebook when I stop being a lazy bitch.

Oh yeah, some good news before I finish this entry: I lost 3.2 lbs this week! Doing Weight Watchers again...hopefully for good. So far I am actually enjoying it and settling into new eating habits. It helps that there are lots of foods on the market now that cater to those watching their weight, i.e. 100 calorie puddings, yogurts, chips, cookies, etc, not to mention healthier frozen meals and other options. And with sugar-free versions of many drinks and treats, it's easy to indulge and not feel bad!

Well that's all for now.

Always remember: You're good enough, you're smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like you.

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I didn't get the specialty position at work. I'm not disappointed about that, I'm just disappointed in myself because apparently my scores on the interview just weren't high enough. I feel like maybe I am too awkward and talk too much and think about the variables too much, i.e. they gave me five tasks and I had to choose what order to do them in. And I started over-thinking it, like "Well what if this task included..." etc. Anyway this leaves me open to apply for a CSO position should one pop up. They just fired one of my favorite CSOs which I am really sad about. People disappear overnight at my work; you get an e-mail saying they're not allowed into the building anymore, and then they're gone forever. Kind of like V For Vendetta but without the black bags.

I am getting bored with WoW again. Maybe I should give it a rest until next year, closer to when Cataclysm hits. I tried playing Horde, and I like it a lot since players are nicer and more helpful, and the quests are new to me, but it's hard to give up several high level characters, a slew of friends and guildies, and all that gear, gold, and stuff after 2.5 years of playing Alliance. So I will probably stick with Alliance forever. Playing my Belf pally means seeing tastylogic in Azeroth though - yay!

The other day Marc and I toured his friend Alan's apartment. I love it and want to steal it from him. Very reasonable and a lot of space for two people. We might take over his lease when he leaves (if and when I get a job there). It's quiet, clean, and tucked away in a nice neighborhood close to lots of the things we need.

On Marc's birthday we brought pizza over to Mitch and Tif's for a mini celebration. I spent a lot of time playing action figures with their 3-year-old daughter Ianthe. We made a jail for the bad guys. She put Nightcrawler in there, despite my protests that he's a good guy, plus the Joker ("He's scary") and some anime chick. Ianthe dropped some wisdom on us, saying that "Once they leave jail they won't be bad guys anymore" (Oh Ia, I wish it worked like that in real life) and that "When you go to jail they look you up on the computer and see if you're good or bad" (Actually, sort of). I really had fun playing action figures with her. I wish I was a kid again sometimes! Another Ianthe wisdom is that "You have to be true to your butt." I agree. She's the kind of kid that makes me think I might want one of them someday.

That's all for now since I'm starting to fall asleep and I have work in the morning. Skinny vanilla latte here I come...

P.S. Even though the nice CHP officer in Santa Cruz only cited me for going 70 when I was going 80 in a 65, my ticket is still going to be $220! Jesus Christ! I learned my lesson. Now I see grannies speeding past me on the freeway...
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I have a job interview tomorrow for a specialty position at my job. Whoever gets it will be assisting our smaller stations when they need help. It's a nice schedule (Mon-Fri 8-5) but that's not the reason I'm applying. I'm looking to learn new things and looking for more challenges...gotta keep things interesting. Cross your fingers for me!

Today I tried to make French toast based on a Sandra Lee recipe she made on Food Network. I am no Sandra Lee and it came out dry and plain rather than fluffy and flavorful. Boo.

Going to bed relatively early so I'll be more awake tomorrow. Wish me luck~.